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        This emergency Interventions on vehicles manual has authority to be the collection of theoretical, practical and technical knowledge necessary for
        Vienne Fire service team members, and team leaders for extrication o perations or vehicle fires.
        it is regularly updated with the aim of developing the professional techniques and the knowledge of Vienne firefighters.

        The changes as compared to the previous one  (in January 1st, 2017) are:

             Pages     Partie                                   type of admendments

               7         1                       Complementary video about rapid kinetic thermal runaway battery
             6 to 13    1-7                         Video equipment impacting Renault tests - LCPP - SDIS 86
               9         1                                Concept of belt airbags + baby seat airbag
               14        1                                Video projection of cylinder during car fire
             16-17       1                                      Truck impact equipment
             18 to 20    1                       Update to the section «Decision Support Tools Available to rescuers»
               22        2                                  Concept of low-voltage (48V) hybrid
               25        2                                 Electrical vehicle safety devices ( loop )
               30        3                             Specific situation of LPG tanks in confined spaces
               34        4                             Precision on the safety protocol of CNG bus tanks
               48        7                                  Risk of unsafe domestic gas cylinders
               53        7                             Special case of heavy trucks with protective hoods
               63        7                             Operational response amendment for isolation loop
               70        7                       Operational response modification for source and energy vector leaks
                       annexs                                  Extrication tecnics for trucks


       This handbook takes into account the following reglementation :


       The Emergency response on vehicles note of 1 juin 2016.

       SDACR de la Vienne

       Realized under the authority of the prefect, the Departmental Plan of Analysis and Risk coverage ( SDACR) establishes
       the inventory of the risks of all kinds, for the safety of the people, the properties and the environment, which have to
       face brigades of fire and help in the department. It determines the objectives of cover of these risks.
       · Arrested N 2012-PC-037 of 12/10/2012 carrying approval of the departmental plan of analysis and risk coverage of
       the SDIS86 ( on-line available for consultation SDACR)

       Plan d’équipement du SDIS de la Vienne

       The plan of multiannual equipment rolling Park 2014-2018.
       It determines the rolling park thrown by the SDIS over the 2014s in 2018 with a projection until 2023.
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