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        This emergency Interventions on vehicles manual has authority to be the collection of theoretical, practical and technical knowledge necessary for
        Vienne Fire service team members, and team leaders for extrication o perations or vehicle fires.
        it is regularly updated with the aim of developing the professional techniques and the knowledge of Vienne firefighters.

        The changes as compared to the previous one  (in January 1st, 2019) are:

             Pages     Part                                    Type of modification

              9-10      1                       Battery burns test videos: lithium ion: pouch, prismatic, cylindrical cells
               16       1                                New illustrations structural reinforcements
               19       1                                  Magnesium steering wheel fire videos
               20       1                              Training video presentation of truck generalities
               56       7                                   Call answer for fire interventions
               60       7                                Notion of immobilization of burning vehicle
               65       7                             Video on the concept of fuse parts on battery pack
               67       7                                   Notion of toxicology of battery fires
               68       7                         Focus on the immersion of battery cells during thermal runaways
               73       7                                 Call answer for road rescue interventions
               74       7                                             E-call
             83 et 72   7                                Modification of the victim extrication levels
               84       7                                Modification of extraction plan definitions

       This handbook takes into account the following reglementation :

                    NDO                                              SDACR du SDIS de la Vienne

                    The Emergency response on vehicles note          Realized under the authority of the prefect, the Departmen-
                    of 1 juin 2016.                                  tal Plan of Analysis and Risk coverage ( SDACR) establishes
                                                                     the inventory of the risks of all kinds, for the safety of the
                                                                     people, the properties and the environment, which have to
                                                                     face brigades of fire and help in the department. It deter-
                                                                     mines the objectives of cover of these risks.

                     RO du SDIS de la Vienne                        Equipment plan  of SDIS de la

                     The operational regulation establishes         Vienne
                     the operational instructions relating to
                     the various missions of the fire and rescue    The multi-year equipment plan 2019-2023 determines the
                     services. It determines the minimum num-       SDIS’s projected vehicle fleet for the years 2019 to 2023.
                     ber of personnel, the equipment required
                     and the chain of command for emergency
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