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Road users

        The organisation of rescue services may be affected by road users, in terms of access to the intervention site and for the responders and victims
                        Depending on the type of road or traffic involved, the necessary measures should be taken to inform road users
                        and secure the intervention area.

         Services involved in the interventions

        Road rescue operations, depending on their size and situation, will involve the participation of many services (fire brigade, gendarmerie, police,
        mechanics, motorway companies, etc.)

                        The multiplication of services contributing to road rescue will require integration into a scheme known to all (
                        marking, vehicle areas, personal areas.....)


         The building elements

                        Depending on the different construction materials used (concrete in particular), it will be necessary to take into
                        account the difficulty of establishing radio links between the various participants involved.

                        All the preventive building measures of the establishment must be taken into account in order to facilitate the
                        action of the emergency services ( Sas, smoke extraction, detection and extinguishing systems).

                        The presence of adjacent construction in the superstructure will have an impact on rescue operations, particularly   GUIDE OPÉRATIONNEL DÉPARTEMENTAL DE RÉFÉRENCE / INTERVENTIONS D’URGENCE SUR LES VÉHICULES
                        in the context of smoke management.


           A covered parking is characterized by:
           -  levels in infrastructure or supra-sutructure
           - light vehicle and pedestrian access

                         Before any engagement of rescue teams inside the buildings,
                         it will be necessary to have a knowledge of the accesses
                         (establishment plan, presence of competent people)

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