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Signs of battery thermal runaway are: increase of temperature,  crackling, smoke. A fast kinetic of thermal runaway
                              is possible.






                             In case of LMP batteries, the thermal runaway is similar to a metal fire with projections of metal particles in fusion.


                             In case of a thermal chain reaction, tank rupture or override: toxic gas may escape from the battery pack: HF,

                             Battery pack weight has an influence on the correct repartition
                             of the global vehicle charge. So it has an impact on the normal
                             balance of the vehicle (weight is concentrated on the back, for
                             example). Firemen will have to handle with that, while trying to
                             wedge the vehicle.
         Power supply

         According to the type of vehicle, energy is delivered by high voltage cables (generally orange colored) or some other types of cables/canalizations.

                             No action is required on the orange cables or any other energy transportation devices (canalizations…).   GUIDE OPÉRATIONNEL DÉPARTEMENTAL DE RÉFÉRENCE / INTERVENTIONS D’URGENCE SUR LES VÉHICULES


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