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Technical devices and influence on the emergency operations  I sintomi del surriscaldamento della batteria sono: aumento della temperatura, crepitio, fumo. E’ possibile
                              Signs of battery thermal runaway are: increase of temperature,  crackling, smoke. A fast kinetic of thermal runaway
                             una veloce evoluzione del surriscaldamento
                              is possible.

 véhicules  A/DIFFERENT TYPES OF ENERGY COMMONLY USED                                                                 véhicules

 We are used to distinguish different types on energy-propelled vehicles:

 les   •  « monocarburation vehicle » :they use a single source of energy ( GO / LPG / CNG / LNG)                     les
 •   « Bi-carburetion vehicles » : they use 2 different types of energy (GAS/NGV or GAS/LPG for example)
 sur      •      «Hybrid vehicles»: they go at least 2 different energy transformers and at least 2 different disposals to keep the energy into batteries.   sur
 Hybrid vehicles we often encounter are Electric Hybrid Vehicles (EHV).
 Généralités   Commonly used energies for vehicles are:                         Généralités

                             Nel caso di batterie LMP il surriscaldamento è simile a un incendio di metalli con la proiezione di particelle
                             In case of LMP batteries, the thermal runaway is similar to a metal fire with projections of metal particles in fusion.
                             di metallo fuso.

 Liquid (Gasoline, Diesel…) / Gas (CNG, LPG)
 You may find Liquid Energy put into tanks (GAS/DIESEL), under pressure (LPG, CNG,  H2) or in high voltage battery pack (EV).

 Prior to any operation, Power Systems have to be neutralized

 Beware of any type of fire on EV or under pressured gas propelled vehicle in a closed area (parking lot, under-
 ground way…)                                                              

 Under pressure gas tanks have to be treated with care, in case of a possible tank rupture, but also if there is a
                             In case of a thermal chain reaction, tank rupture or override: toxic gas may escape from the battery pack: HF,
 simple gas leak or in case of a fire (overpressure / BLEVE).  In caso di una reazione termica a catena, rottura della scocca o override è possibile una fuga di gas tossici
                             dal pacco batterie: HF, HCl, ....
 High voltage battery pack mainly is NiMH, Li-ion or LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer). If NiMH batteries do not raise particular problem, the
 impact on the interventions for vehicle lights of the other used technologies can be important in particular in case of thermal racing of the battery.   Il peso del pacco batterie influisce su una corretta ripartizione
                             Battery pack weight has an influence on the correct repartition
 It should be noted however that an important calorie intake is necessary to obtain a thermal racing of batteries  (in particular for batteries LMP).  del peso globale del veicolo. Ciò ha un impatto sul normale
                             of the global vehicle charge. So it has an impact on the normal
                             bilanciamento del veicolo (il peso è concentrato nella parte
                             balance of the vehicle (weight is concentrated on the back, for
 Facing a thermal reaction under the battery pack, extinguishing operations may be hard (Li-ion) or quite impos-  posteriore, per esempio). I Vigili del Fuoco devono considerarlo
                             example). Firemen will have to handle with that, while trying to
 sible (LMP). Environmental protection is required with a high priority. Without fire service intervention, a battery   quando eseguono la stabilizzazione del veicolo.
 pack may burn for 1 hour.   wedge the vehicle.
        Fornitura dell’energia
         Power supply
 Some constructors (RENAULT) install thermal fuses or « fireman access» on battery packs, in order to help extin-  Considerando il tipo di veicolo l’energia è distribuita tramite i cavi ad alto voltaggio (solitamente di colore arancione) o tramite altri
         According to the type of vehicle, energy is delivered by high voltage cables (generally orange colored) or some other types of cables/canalizations.
 guishing operations, by introducing water directly into the batteries.  tipi di cavi / canalizzazioni.
                             Non è richiesto alcuni intervento sui cavi arancio o su qualsiasi altro tipo di trasmissione (canalizzazione ...)
                             No action is required on the orange cables or any other energy transportation devices (canalizations…).   GUIDE OPÉRATIONNEL DÉPARTEMENTAL DE RÉFÉRENCE / INTERVENTIONS D’URGENCE SUR LES VÉHICULES

 In case of li-ion batteries,  projections of materials in fire are possible in case of thermal runaway, specially when
 the battery is separated from his casing.

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